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The First Responders return for season two this August

Date: 2023-07-24

The First Responders return for season two this August

With Ma Taehwa in prison, a new criminal mastermind will rise up to exact revenge on the first responders.

Singapore - After an action-packed first season that saw the first responders work together to uncover Ma Taehwa's criminal past, a new partner from the National Forensic Service will join the team as they look to expose the real criminal mastermind in The First Responders season two, coming 4 August to Disney+.


An expert in medicine, law, engineering, firearms, hacking and toxicology, Dex has made a name for himself as a criminal architect responsible for some of the biggest scandals in Hollywood, politics and billionaire circles. Operating undetected for years, Dex's flawless record is suddenly brought to an end when Detective Jin Hogae arrests Ma Taehwa for carrying out Dex's perfect crime. Determined to get revenge on Hogae, Dex will break his only rule and return to South Korea to carry out a crime himself in an attempt to takedown the first responders.


The series stars Kim Raewon, as Detective Jin Hogae; Son Hojun as as Firefighter Bong Dojin; Gong Seungyeon as Paramedic Song Seol, and Jeon Seongwoo as criminal mastermind Dex; The First Responders 2 is directed by Shin Kyoungsoo and is written by Min Jieun.


Fans can stream The First Responders 2 from 4 August on Disney+.

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