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Jan. 24, 2024


Ayalaan tells the story of an Alien’s intergalactic journey to save Earth from a malicious plot. By: Wee Yan Ling

Genres: Sci-fi, Adventure


Distributor: KJR Studios 


Length: 2h 35m


Producers: R.D. Raja


Production company: 24AM Studios, KJR Studios




Ayalaan tells the story of an Alien’s intergalactic journey to save Earth from a malicious plot. As the film unravels, we are in for a tapestry of levity, action and a strong environmental message which is spearheaded by the enthralling performance of Sivakarthikeyan as Tamizh. By: Wee Yan Ling


Renowned for his versatility when acting in films, Sivakarthikeyan plays the character of Tamizh, a happy-go-lucky individual that cares profoundly for his environment and Mother Nature. His exquisite and authentic portrayal of his role helps to shroud his character in a layer of innocence and charm.

The extraterrestrial angle of the story is brought to life with sophistication as it is portrayed in a lighthearted manner embedded with moments of laughter to engage the audience. The visual effects are commendable as it integrates itself flawlessly into the fantastical elements of the film. AR Rahman’s musical prowess helps to add depth and elevate the storytelling experience with tracks that complement the flow of the film. 


The alien companion, Tattoo successfully steals the limelight with the exquisite performance that breaks the boundaries of the CGI. The alien feels more human-like due to the voice modulation, paired with the sophisticated and expressive acting that helps to bring the character to life in a fun and lovable manner. 


The film’s positive response is a reflection of its engaging visual effects, innovative screenplay, and entertainment value. 


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