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The Apprentice Director will Screen the Movie about Trump after Lawsuit Threats

Ali Abbasi, the director of the new Donald Trump biopic The Apprentice, has responded after the Trump campaign threatened legal action against the movie. “I don’t necessarily think this is a movie [Trump] would dislike, I don’t think he’d necessarily like it, but I think he would be surprised,” Abbasi told press. “I would offer to go and meet him and have a chat afterward.” By: K Dass.


Anton Secures €100 Million from Blackrock

European film and TV Studio Anton Capital Entertainment has secured more than €100 million ($108 million) in new financing from BlackRock. The venture, led by founder and CEO Sébastien Raybaud, aims to expand its film and TV series output with the financing injection. By: K Dass.


Mohammad Rasoulof to Attend Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof is set to make a significant appearance at the Cannes Film Festival with the premiere of his latest feature, The Seed Of The Sacred Fig. This event marks a noteworthy moment in Rasoulof's career, highlighting both his artistic prowess and his enduring struggle against censorship and political oppression in Iran. By: K Dass.


M6+ Streaming Platform goes Live

Groupe M6 Launches M6+ Streaming Platform as announced in March, Groupe M6 launched its new streaming service M6+ on Tuesday. Technical innovations and a doubling of the free programming should make M6+ attractive to French viewers. The launch is accompanied by an extensive cross-media advertising campaign.


Red Roses Renewed for Season 2

The producers aim to offer viewers more excitement and surprises in season 2. In the new season, the characters’ stories will be deepened and storytelling full of dramatic events will keep viewers glued to the screen.


Studio 100 International Announces Maya the Bee Across Poland

Studio 100 International plans to extend this cinematic experience into various markets as part of its international marketing strategy to support its key brands with innovative activities.


Next Generation Media Fund

Next Generation Media Fund and are talking to buyers on the first project on the slate, the crime biopic Gambino.


US Joint Sports Streamer to be known as Venu Sports

Venu Sports will launch in the US market in the autumn and bring together the combined portfolio of sports services and selected direct-to-consumer services in a single streaming platform.


Mounting Female Directors at Film Fest

Despite progress, only 29% of filmmakers across all Cannes sections are female this year, down from 31% last year. Achieving parity remains a challenge, but it’s essential to allow young female filmmakers to take risks and learn from both successes and failures. By: K Dass.


Poor Working Environment in Japanese Film Industry

Currently, Japan’s film industry is Asia’s second-largest in terms of box office. Its revenues totaled $1.14 billion from 115 million during the depths of the pandemic in 2021. But for decades it is hardly the healthiest by world or even regional standards. By; K Dass.