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Top Streaming Service Netflix Dominates for a Reason

Netflix pushes on in the streaming business as competitors dial back or drop out entirely. As the company continues to innovate, expand and grow, let us take a quick look at Netflix’s history. By Ching Wai.


DAZN Sees an Increase in Users Across Women’s Football Offering After Paywall Removal

DAZN’s decision to offer Women’s Football content for free sees positive results. By Ching Wai.


As Anime goes Digital, Fans are Concerned

While these recent films have garnered success at the box office, the change has stirred a passionate debate among hard-core fans, who complain about bad visuals and the look of computer-generated animation. By K Dass.


ATF 2023 Saw USD $244 Million Deals

Yeow Hui Leng, Group Project Director of ATF said, "Despite industry uncertainties, Asia remains an important region. The diversity of content and networking events presented this year, the myriad of MOUs and projects announced, in addition to a strong presence of global executives, demonstrated ATF’s veracity as the voice of Asia." By: Wee Yan Ling


Good Vibes at MIPCOM 2023

“MIPCOM has a unique position of bringing together 100 countries, and that concentration of activity in one place, at one time, can only be a catalyst to the international market overall,” said Lucy Smith, director of MIPCOM CANNES.


MIPTV Wraps 60th Editor

The largest entertainment market came to an end with a 20% increase in attendance.


MIPFORMAT: Global Agency to premiere in Vietnam

Global Agency's singing format Blind Duets makes its debut in Asia with a Vietnamese production deal.


MIPDRAMA STORY: Golden Boy sells to string of new international territories

Turkish hit drama Golden Boy continues to score international sales as it travels to 40 countries worldwide with a host of new territories to announce going into MIP week.


MIPDOC STORY: Strong factual presence from ORF at MIPTV23

Austrian public broadcaster gears up for a strong proposition at Cannes this MIPTV with new content.


The most-watched genres on traditional television

Sports programming continues to be one of the most-watched genres on traditional television in the US, with sports events dominating the list of the most-watched TV-shows in the 2021/22 season. Live sporting events have the ability to attract some of the highest audiences in the country, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch the action. The popularity of sports is not just limited to traditional television networks, as digital live sports content has also become increasingly popular.