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May 8, 2024

Time Still Turns the Pages (2023)

A gripping drama that tackles difficult topics like suicide and abuse, Time Still Turns The Pages is an excellent movie that begs to be watched despite its sensitive topics. By: Kritchanon Tan Kian Wei

enres: Drama

Distributor: mm2 Studios Hong Kong

Length: 95 min

Producers: Derek Yee

Production Companies: Roundtable Pictures


Trigger Warning: This review and Time Still Turns The Pages contain mentions of suicide.

Directed by Nick Cheuk, Time Still Turns The Pages is a drama that sees Mr. Cheng, a traumatised secondary school teacher, recalling his childhood abuses and trauma whilst helping a suicidal student.

A raw and emotional film, Time Still Turns The Pages bundles social commentary with a gripping narrative, becoming a film that is as hard to watch as it is captivating. Convincing performances by actors like Siuyeo Lo and Sean Wong will break your heart, prompting you to ponder the film’s themes long after its brief 95-minute runtime. While Time Still Turns The Pages may not be the most easily approachable film, it is without question a well-made film with a message that needs to be heard.

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