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April 1, 2024

Spy × Family Code: White (2023)

A charming and delightful filler movie that will entertain longtime fans and possibly capture the hearts of new ones. By Kritchanon Tan Kian Wei

Genres: Anime, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Spy, Family



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Length: 110 min

Producers: Mirei Tsumura, Masaya Saitō, Soichiro Saito, Mirai Yamauchi, Tetsuya Nakatake, Yūichi Fukushima, Takako Yamamori

Production Companies: Wit Studio, CloverWorks


Based on the manga Spy × Family and set loosely within the world of the subsequent ongoing television adaptation, Spy × Family Code: White tells the story of the Forger family and their chaotic trip to a snowy location named Frejis.

The Forgers consist of the husband and father Loid Forger, who is secretly a spy, the wife and mother, Yor Forger, who is secretly an assassin, along with the adopted daughter Anya Forger, who is secretly a mind-reader, and the dog Bond Forger, who secretly can see the future. With the exception of Anya, the members of the family are unaware of each other’s secret roles.

Newcomers to the franchise need not worry, as the film explains the family’s dynamic in its opening, and the anime series is not required viewing for the movie (and vice versa). At its core, Spy × Family Code: White is a high-budget, feature-length filler episode that tells an original story not told in the manga, and does not really impact the ongoing narrative of the television series.

As a standalone film, Spy × Family Code: White is a great popcorn flick full of action and comedy. Loid’s stoic moments and suspense-filled action scenes capture your attention really well, while Yor and Anya’s silliness never fail to charm. Fans of the series will know exactly what they’ll be getting with Spy × Family Code: White, but for newcomers, though some scenes require a suspension of disbelief, the overall product is enjoyable and can serve as a gateway to the larger franchise. The film may not be the most technically impressive or have a large impact on the series’ overarching narrative, but it never fails to keep you entertained.

Spy × Family Code: White arrives in theatres in the US on April 19 2024.

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