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April 15, 2024

Money No Enough 3 (2024)

A decent comedy that may not be a cinematic achievement, but definitely, intentionally and unintentionally, entertains. By: Kritchanon Tan Kian Wei

Genres: Comedy, Drama



Clover Films https://www.facebook.com/cloverfilms/ +65 6841 0815

Golden Village Pictures https://www.facebook.com/gvpictures/ (656) 653-8166


Clover Films https://www.facebook.com/cloverfilms/  +65 6841 0815

Infinity Pictures https://www.facebook.com/my.infinitypicture 

Length: 137 min

Producers: Jack Neo, Boi Kwong

Production Companies: HiJack Pictures, J Team Productions, mm2 Entertainment


Money No Enough 3 sees kampong friends Ah Huang, Ah Hui and Ah Qiang facing family and financial problems in the 2020s. Ah Huang, played by Mark Lee, is a delivery man. Ah Hui, played by Henry Thia, is the owner of a porridge stall. And Ah Qiang, played by director Jack Neo, is a taxi driver. While the three of them initially team up to support each other, chaos soon ensues, hurting them and the people in their lives.

Money No Enough 3 is a film that knows its audience. The movie is no cinematic masterpiece, but it is undoubtedly entertaining. Sure, there are product placements that can feel shoehorned during some moments in the film, but credit where credit is due, they do feel toned down compared to other recent works by Neo.

Most of the humour in the film will land with a Singaporean audience, but other audiences may find the film entertaining too. At times, the movie can fall into “so bad, it’s good” territory, leading to instances where viewers may find themselves dying of laughter during what seems like a scene that was intended to be emotionally heavy.

Again, this is a flawed film that won’t be sweeping any awards shows anytime soon. But as a film, it intentionally and unintentionally fulfills its most important job very well: being entertaining.

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