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April 17, 2024

Kisses from Death (2023)

Singaporean production Kisses from Death has premiered on mewatch and YouTube. The series adaptation marks the fourth collaboration between Mediacorp and Wattpad. By Ching Wai.

Genre: Drama

Distributors: Mediacorp (65) 6333 3888 https://www.mediacorp.sg/ 

Length: 8 episodes, 21-26 minutes each

Production Companies: Viddsee 


Mediacorp’s new drama series, created in collaboration with Wattpad, Kisses From Death follows Addison as she kisses Damien at her birthday party to incite jealousy in her ex-boyfriend Caleb. The kiss unfortunately sent Addison and Damien into a supernatural realm, where Damien is revealed to be Death. Having next accidentally transported her grandmother and friends into the same realm, Addison must now figure out how to safely get everyone back home as they are made to play a set of deadly games.

The first episode of the fantasy thriller has over two thousand views on the Mediacorp Youtube channel. Reception still remains to be seen as the series is currently promoted across Southeast Asia and through online platforms like Wattpad and Youtube. Having been adapted from the globally popular Wattpad story Kisses from Death by Singaporean author Aurora Yeo, which has a 1.4 million readership, the series with the same title can be expected to grow in viewership overtime.

The plot had just the right amount of surprises, while vivid visual effects worked well with the music to create ample suspense. The series’ pacing invites one to try and figure out the games and underlying mysteries together with the characters. And as almost each episode ends on a cliffhanger, it is a series that encourages bingeing.

All 8 episodes are available to watch for free on mewatch, Singapore’s all-in-one video entertainment streaming service, and Mediacorp’s YouTube channel.

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