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June 26, 2024

Belgium’s most talked about and informative titles ever.” - PRO TV Embark on THE CLAN Spin-Off

Romania’s PRO TV have begun production on OUR FATHER (TĂTUȚU), a spin-off of THE CLAN (CLANUL), one of the most successful drama series in Romania for many years.

Romania - THE CLAN is based on the scripted format INSIDER (Icerde) from Turkish production giant Ay Yapim, which was licensed for remake to PRO TV by Eccho Rights.

The original series was a groundbreaking success in Turkey, scoring unprecedented ratings for broadcaster Show TV, and the Romanian version continued this strong performance, winning huge audiences and overwhelmingly positive reaction from critics.

"The Clan was one of the best drama productions in recent years in Romania, proven by its high viewership each season and the eagerness of fans who subscribed to VOYO just to watch the series in advance. This overwhelming response has driven us to continue. Hence, we are bringing the fans – and new viewers – a fresh production: OUR FATHER. This series will feature beloved characters from The Clan as well as new actors. We believe this is the news everyone has been waiting for, and we are thrilled to create a new phenomenon”, says Antonii Mangov, Programming Director at PRO TV.

Twenty years ago, Bebe Udrea lived among mobsters. Known as "The Butcher", Bebe had a clear ambition: to rise to the top of his own clan. The new series OUR FATHER will reveal how he built everything, the backstory of some of the most beloved characters from THE CLAN, and their journey from the very beginning.

INSIDER’s success was so extraordinary that it is no surprise to see the world that was created continues to attract new fans and inspire new stories. We can’t wait to see how our friends at PRO TV delve into the history of our beloved anti-hero Bebe!” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights.

The original series INSIDER was directed by Uluç Bayraktar, written by Toprak Karaoglu, Ertan Kurtulan and Volkan Sümbül and produced by Kerem Çatay for Ay Yapim, and broadcast from 2016-17 on Show TV. Starring Çağatay Ulusoy, Aras Bulut İynemli and Çetin Tekindor as Celal, the original mob boss, the readymade prospered not only in Turkey, but also around the world.

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