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July 1, 2024

BBC Ventures Invests £500,000 in Condense for Immersive Live Events

The BBC says that by investing in Condense it is backing British creativity, innovation, and technology.

UK - BBC Ventures, the investment arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has made its first investment since its inception two years ago. The company is putting £500,000 into Bristol-based tech firm Condense, which specialises in 3D video streaming platforms1.

Condense’s innovative technology enables immersive live gigs, where fans at home feel like they’re in the same room as the artist. Through the New Music Portal, fans can join live events as avatars on their mobile or laptop, moving around the virtual venue like a video game. This unique experience fosters an unprecedented level of connection and engagement between artists and their fans.

The partnership positions BBC audiences at the forefront of the evolution of music fandom, allowing them to share real moments with their favorite artists through the New Music Portal. Sam Tompkins, who performed in this virtual environment, praised the technology for bringing fans closer to the live experience.

As Condense continues to grow, the BBC stands to benefit from this investment, ensuring highly interactive and engaging events for their audience2. Jo Sherlock, BBC Group Rights and Commercial Director, expressed confidence in the company’s success2.

BBC Ventures’ investment in Condense represents a strategic move into the virtual events space, aligning with the trend of immersive experiences in the entertainment industry. The future looks promising for both Condense and the BBC as they explore new ways to connect artists and fans.

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