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July 5, 2024

Roku Faces HEVC Patent Infringement Claim

HEVC Advance Patent Pool Licensors have filed patent infringement proceedings against Roku, Inc. (“Roku”) for infringing patents essential to the HEVC/H.265 digital video coding standard.

HEVC Advance Patent Pool Licensors have initiated patent infringement proceedings against Roku. Access Advance Patent Pools announced that Roku’s streaming devices allegedly infringe patents essential to the HEVC/H.265 digital video coding standard. Despite long-term efforts by Advance to resolve patent infringements, Roku remains unwilling to voluntarily legalise its sales of HEVC-capable products. As part of their infringement suits, the pool Licensors seek payment of past royalties from Roku and an injunction against continuing infringement.

The patent pool currently covers 43 Licensors and over 23,000 patents, representing approximately 75-80% of all available HEVC-essential patents. Notable industry leaders, including Dell, Google, LG, Microsoft, OPPO, Huawei, Panasonic, Sony, and Lenovo, are among the 320 Licensees attracted to the pool.

Access Advance Patent Pools exist to promote innovation and reduce licensing costs and litigation by allowing companies to obtain licenses to the essential patents of multiple Licensors through a single agreement. By making essential technologies widely and efficiently accessible, patent pools also allow for more industry-wide standardization, benefiting consumers through increased interoperability of devices. Access Advance’s Licensors take legal action only as a last resort to ensure fair competition in the marketplace.

This legal action aims to facilitate a level playing field for existing Licensees and uphold patent rights in the digital video coding domain.

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