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New CGI Adventure Comedy Flamingo Flamenco in Production

Germany’s Studio 100 Media and Spain’s 3Doubles Producciones have unveiled the beginning development of their CGI feature film, titled as Flamingo Flamenco. By: Dylan Low

Munich, Germany - Scheduled to premiere in late 2026, this captivating adventure full of rousing music will mesmerise audiences of all ages. The feature film will be introduced to buyers at the upcoming European Film Market in Berlin by global sales agent Studio 100 Film.


Flamingo Flamenco showcases the spirited journey of Rosie, a young and exuberant flamingo girl, as she goes through personal loss and her pursuit to rediscover the joy of dance. With a riveting original storyline created by notable screenwriter Rob Sparkling (Shaun the Sheep Movie, Gnomeo & Juliet, The Queen’s Corgi), this 80-minute family-friendly entertainment feature offers an enchanting and passionate mix of adventure, comedy, and heartwarming concepts.


Situated in the background of the popular Fuente de Piedra lagoon in Andalucía, Spain, this European production presents a vibrant and diverse selection of animal characters, the celebration of friendship and the beauty of dance. The film relates to kids, teens and families by showcasing an enthralling narrative that highlights the importance of perseverance, self-discovery, and the strength of determination.


“It is an absolute delight to join forces in this truly collaborative venture, merging the imaginative energies of Studio 100 Media and 3Doubles Producciones to introduce Flamingo Flamenco to audiences across the globe,” states Thorsten Wegener, Producer and Director Business Operations at Studio 100 Media.


Dario Sanchez, CEO of 3Doubles Producciones, continued, “We are thrilled to be able to participate in this feature film where a part of Spanish culture and traditions are represented in a great adventure comedy and are excited to be working with Studio 100 Media on this new production.”


Flamingo Flamenco is in their development phase, with production teams working hard to create an impactful cinematic experience. Fans can expect to stay tuned for updates as the film takes shape amidst its production stage.

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