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Feb. 8, 2024

Superights Expands Catalogue with Exciting New Series

Global distribution powerhouse Superights unveils its commitment to excellence as it announces renewed partnerships with leading European animation producers. By: Wee Yan Ling

In a major move, global distribution giant Superights has strengthened its longstanding collaborations with esteemed European animation producers Le Regard Sonore, Reaz, and Croco Doc AIE, bringing a new wave of new seasons for globally acclaimed series. 


Sonore is the creative force behind the widely successful Koumi’s animated picture book and will be enthralling audiences again in their next season. The entertainer offers a 52-episode instalment. The series will continue to be successful as it is enternation international territory. Deals in conjunction with the prominent network has been secured in TFOU Max (France), Beijing Time Flying Fish (China), Now TV (Hong Kong), and Ceska TV (Czech Republic), the series is poised for continued international success.

Expanding on the Koumi concept, Sonore had introduced a new title, Draw Animals with Koumi. This Do It Yourself series allows young children to learn how to draw 52 animals which were featured in Koumi’s Animated Picture Book Season 1. The spinoff is fully produced and ready for broadcast, with a second season underway.

Superights is releasing the second season of Croco Doc and is collaborating with producers Croco Doc AIE, Buenpaso Films, Nuts Ideas and RTVE. The specialty of the series is attributed to its intriguing facts and engaging stories and covers topics like allergies, angina and nosebleeds. The first season has won the hearts of many on an international scale and the second season 2 has discussions in place for the acquisition.

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