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Jonathan Majors Sentencing Postponed to April

Acclaimed actor Jonathan Majors, who was found guilty for domestic assault, has found his case prolonged once again. By: Dylan Low

The ex-Marvel star was expected to receive his sentence Tuesday this week, a month following the news of him conviction from assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The sentence however was delayed to April 8th, due to motions claimed by his legal team to set aside the verdict. Judge Michael Gaffey has stated the new date will give prosecutors time to issue a response to the motion that was filed on Monday.


Majors was not present for Tuesday afternoon’s hearing in person and instead featured online as he was living out of state. Based on his present charges, he could find himself with a year in jail.


In late 2023, a Manhattan jury found the Marvel actor convicted of two misdemeanour counts of harassment and assault but acquitted him on two other counts originating from an incident that took place last March.


Shortly after the guilty verdict, Majors was removed from Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which he played the antagonist Kang the Conqueror and was anticipated to feature in the next several instalments, including 2026’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Previously after his arrest, he was dropped by his manager, Entertainment 360, and his publicity firm, the Lede Company. He still remains represented by the talent agency WME.

Majors spoke out following news of his verdict for the first time during a Good Morning America interview, in which he proceeded to dismiss any wrongdoing and stated his regret for not breaking up with Jabbari sooner.


“I shouldn’t have been in the car. I shouldn’t have been in the relationship,” Majors told ABC News anchor Linsey Davis last month. “If I’m not in the car, none of this would have happened. If I have left the relationship, none of this would have happened. If I’m man enough or brave enough to say, ‘I want to see someone else’ or ‘I’m done now,’ I’m not in that car. We’re not here. I’m responsible for those things.”


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