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April 1, 2024

Globally Successful Turkish Series Golden Boy Renewed for Season 3

The highly rated award-winning Turkish drama series Golden Boy will return with season three. By Ching Wai.

Türkiye - Broadcaster Star TV has given Golden Boy, the most successful Turkish drama series so far, the green light for a third season. Produced by OGM Pictures, the series has achieved top ratings in Türkiye since its launch in October 2022, and has a growing viewership worldwide.

Distributor Eccho Rights has closed deals for the series in more than 120 territories globally. Most recently, Telefe, a television station in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has secured the rights to the series, making the country the latest major international territory to sign up the title.

On top of breaking several viewing records, Golden Boy has also been nominated for and won a series of domestic and international awards last year. These awards include 7 wins and 11 nominations at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, 3 wins and 6 nominations at the Türkiye Youth Awards, 2 wins at the PRODU Awards, and a win at the Ayakli Gazete TV Stars Awards. It is worth noting that the Türkiye Youth Awards is the most voted award ceremony in Türkiye.

The story of the classic family romantic drama Golden Boy follows two sisters, Seyran and Suna, who cross paths with the golden boy Ferit. Ferit’s decision to marry Seyran instead of Suna changes the sisters' lives forever. Afra Saraoğlu, Mert Ramazan Demir and Çetin Tekindor star in the successful series.

The Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights, Handan Özkubat, commented on the series’ achievements, “The Golden Boy phenomenon is like nothing we have seen before from a Turkish Drama. With fans returning week after week in Turkey, and new ones joining us all the time around the world, the series’ success shows no signs of slowing down and we can’t wait to see what season three holds.”

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