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April 2, 2024

Roya TV App Secures Top Spot on Google Play in Jordan

Roya TV clinches the top spots on app stores during Ramadan 2024. Its popularity is fueled by the high quality content and interactive features. By Ching Wai.

Jordan - Roya TV is now the best app in the entertainment category on Google Play Store in Jordan. The app also clinched top five in the overall standings of free applications across various app stores during Ramadan this year. On top of the Google Play Store, the app is also available on the Apple Store, and the Huawei App Gallery. Content can also be streamed on the Roya website.

The Roya Channel is committed to bringing high quality entertainment to its audience, and the Roya TV app is no exception. The app’s striking appearance emphasises its variety of unique content across screens and platforms, which reaches both Arab and global audiences. With programmes including news, Jordanian and Arab drama series, comedy shows, sports, cooking and more that viewers already enjoy, it is no wonder that Roya TV came to be the most favoured app for audiences seeking diverse content.

Features of the Roya TV app include interactive technologies like over 40 live streaming channels, as well as “Roya Play”. Roya Play created opportunities for major competitions during Ramadan with more than 150 prizes, which includes three cars. The app therefore aligns with Roya Media Group’s forward-thinking approach to evolve holistically within the media and entertainment landscape.

Another reason that Roya channel is popular amongst audiences is its knowing its audience and tailoring content to them. For example, the channel has a variety of programmes for Ramadan, such as daily cooking shows for Iftar meal ideas, a pre-Iftar social programme with different segments and guests, a “Comedy Hour” after Iftar, and a collection of Arab drama series.

Roya TV is the number one TV channel in Jordan, and was founded by Sayegh group as the largest independent TV channel in Amman, Jordan. With the channel’s great variety of offerings, Roya TV has become a trusted and respected source of content for viewers in Jordan and the rest of the world.

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