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April 3, 2024

Italy’s Film and TV Organisations to Meet as Uncertainty Looms

As implementation of public support measures for Italy’s film and TV industry gets continuously delayed, organisations will gather to discuss the dire situation. By Ching Wai.

Italy - Implementation of public support measures for the film and audiovisual production industry in Italy has been continuously delayed. The Italian government currently plans to reform the country’s legislation that covers film and TV funding, and tax credits for film and TV series. The situation has led to a standstill in production during the first quarter of 2024 amidst uncertainties. International productions are also affected as they become more wary of filming in the country.

An emergency press conference will be held in Rome’s Cinema Adriano on 5 April to discuss the dire situation. Some 14 Italian film and TV organisations will be in attendance, including the filmmakers’ organisation 100 Autori, producer groups Anica and AGICI, Cartoon Italia and the actors’ association Unita. Lucia Borgonzoni, the Culture Under-Secretary, has also agreed to attend the meeting.

The meeting’s agenda includes emphasising the economic and cultural worth of Italy’s film and TV industry, as noted by Benedetto Habib, the president of Anica. Habib observed that while there had previously been progress for Italy’s independent producers in securing important concessions, “Nothing has been confirmed. These are all declarations, declarations that often are not helpful to the cinema world. We’d like to sweep away all these declarations with some clear guidelines so we can start production up again.”

More than 9000 companies make up Italy’s film and audiovisual supply chain, which has recently provided direct employment for more than 65 000 people, with 114 000 more employed in related supply chains. Italy is the fourth largest film market in Europe, and placed second in the region last year for its box office share of 24%.

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