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April 3, 2024

CMF invests C$357 million into Canadian TV and Digital Media Industries

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) will invest C$357 million in the Canadian Screen Industry as they roll out programmes and reorganise the company’s structure. By Ching Wai.

Canada - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) will invest C$357 million (USD 264 million) in the Canadian television and digital media industries during the 2024-2025 year beginning on 1 April 2024. This budget includes the second and final C$20 million (USD 15 million) instalment for the French-language market and underrepresented communities.

CMF’s programme budget is supported by revenue estimates based on ongoing funding contributions from the Canadian Government, Canada’s cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors, and tangible benefits, recoupment, and repayment revenues from funded productions.

“In 2024-25, the CMF will offer more flexibility and balance to the industry as we await a new regulatory framework following the adoption of the Online Streaming Act. … the CMF remains dedicated to supporting underrepresented creators and EDI initiatives,” Valerie Creighton, the president and CEO of the CMF said.

This is evident in CMF’s decision to make the Pilot Programme for Racialized Communities an ongoing programme; to implement the new Broadcaster Envelope Factors to incentivise licensing content with greater representation of gender and diversity; and the changing of its Diverse Languages Programme from a selective one to an Envelope.

Furthermore, the existing Canada broadcaster market test in linear content programmes will be expanded, and Canadian distribution companies will be allowed to contribute to financing to help unlock funds. More flexibility for broadcasters will be achieved as the Development and Performance Envelopes are combined into a single Broadcaster Envelope system. Indigenous producers will be given expanded flexibility as well in some eligible genres.

CMF will also be increasing the genre allocations for Children & Youth and Documentary content in both English and French. Within the Documentary genre, division into one-off documentaries and series documentaries will give broadcasters increased incentive to licence the one-off sub-genre.

According to Creighton, CMF will be reorganising their programme offering across three pillars, Ideation, Creation and Industry, “and abandoning the funding stream-based model.”

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