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Feb. 8, 2024

Buying content has dipped in the TV and Entertainment space

The TV and Entertainment sector has witnessed some interesting shifts recently. Let’s probe into the reasons behind the dip and what we can expect. By: K Dass

Changing consumer behaviour: consumers are increasingly curating their own media universe. YouTube, Tick Tok and facebook are testament of user generated content (UGC) available across screens today. With the rise of digital platforms, people now have more control over what they watch and listen to.

Over-the-top (OTT) video services are gaining prominence. By 2023, OTT video spending is projected to be nearly 50% greater than traditional TV and home video. The trend has shifted from passive to active, on-demand media consumption.

Personalisation and Technology: Today, smart homes and personalised devices are shaping media consumption. China, for instance, is expected to surpass the US in smart speaker adoption by 2023. 5G technology will revolutionise media streaming and content delivery, making it more convenient and personalised.

Digital Revenue March: Digital revenue continues to grow. Consumers are constructing their own bundles, combining complementary streaming services to cater to their diverse tastes. Companies are adapting to reach individuals, not just large audiences. It’s about delivering tailored experiences.

Privacy and Trust: As media becomes more personal, addressing privacy concerns and building trust are critical. The focus is shifting from sheer audience numbers to Return on Experience (ROX).

Hence, expect a dynamic landscape where personalisation, technology, and digital content play pivotal roles. The future of media lies in empowering individuals to curate their own entertainment journey.

Having said that, let’s explore the countries that are making significant strides in the TV and Entertainment sector.

United States

The US has long been a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Hollywood, with its iconic film studios, has shaped global cinema for decades. The rise of streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max further solidifies the US’s dominance in content creation and distribution.


China’s entertainment market has witnessed explosive growth. It boasts a massive audience and a thriving film industry. Chinese companies invest heavily in film production, and their influence extends beyond domestic borders.


Bollywood, India’s vibrant film industry, produces a staggering number of movies each year. India also leads in television content, with popular shows and soap operas capturing viewers’ attention.

South Korea

K-dramas and K-pop have taken the world by storm. South Korea’s entertainment exports have surged, making it a global trendsetter. Platforms like Viki and Netflix showcase Korean content to international audiences.


Brazil has a rich cultural heritage, and its telenovelas (soap operas) are immensely popular across Latin America. The country’s music scene, including genres like samba and bossa nova, contributes to its entertainment prominence.

United Kingdom

The UK is home to renowned broadcasters like the BBC and ITV. British television shows have a global following. London’s West End theatre district is a hub for stage productions.


Japan has a strong anime and manga industry. Iconic franchises like Pokémon, Naruto, and Studio Ghibli films have a global fan base. Japanese game shows and reality TV formats have also influenced international television.


Germany produces high-quality films and TV series. Its historical dramas and crime thrillers resonate with audiences. The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) is a prestigious event in the global film calendar.

The entertainment landscape is dynamic, and other countries are also making significant contributions. The MENA region and Asia-Pacific are also streaming local and foreign content excessively across devises. These are just a few examples of the diverse and influential players in the TV and entertainment world.

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