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Broadcasters to jointly launch Sports Streaming Service

In a major move for streaming television, three of the biggest media companies worldwide will be partnering for a co-venture that makes a multitude of major-league sports available for viewing. By: Dylan Low

Disney’s ESPN (which currently showcases UFC events and content in the US until the end of 2025), Fox Corporation’s Fox Sports and Warner Bros. Discovery’s TNT, TBS and other networks will be presenting an extensive package in the coming months, offering access to NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games.


Each company will have ownership to one-third of the service, which has remained unnamed and no pricing information or a specific launch date, and is subject to finalising agreements. This however recognises the lost popularity of the cable bundle ads with higher audiences transitioning to streaming platforms.

Sports has remained a stronghold in the cable TV industry, which has gone down by 25 percent of its total subscriber base over the last few years. 


“The launch of this new streaming sports service is a significant moment for Disney and ESPN, a major win for sports fans, and an important step forward for the media business,” claims Disney CEO Bob Iger, in a statement. Disney has been thinking of plans to set up an independent ESPN streaming service (with current ESPN+ having no rights to major sports), and the new agreement does not look to prevent Disney from creating one in the future.


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