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March 28, 2024

The Hottest Netflix Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Here is a list of Netflix documentaries relating to current events that you can start watching right now. By Ching Wai.

US - There are countless edifying, gut-wrenching, or mystifying documentaries available to watch on the major streaming service Netflix. From genres like History and Science, to Sports, to True Crime, the endless choices can keep you entertained for hours no matter what you prefer. Here is a list of recently released documentary films and series that are worth watching.

1. Bitconned (2024)

The 94 minute true-crime documentary film released on new year’s day this year in the U.S. follows three individuals who exploit the cryptocurrency market to scam investors and make big bucks. Receiving mixed reviews, this documentary analyses the economy of cryptocurrency, and invites debate and reflection of humanity and the world we have shaped.

2. Young Royals: Forever (2024)

This special shows the behind-the-scenes of the filming of the 2021 Netflix series Young Royals. Fans of the drama series will be delighted to watch its journey from casting to final scene, while first-time viewers can also enjoy the invaluable insights into the technicalities and creative processes of taking a drama from script to screen. The 54-minute long documentary film also includes interviews with the cast and crew, who offer their personal and professional perspectives and experiences on the show.

3. Einstein and the Bomb (2024)

With the release of Oppenheimer last year, Einstein and the Bomb is a historical documentary that supplements the Oscar-winning film. The docudrama explores the influence that Einstein’s work has had on our understanding of physics, especially in the context of the moral dilemma surrounding war and the atomic bomb.

4. Miss Americana (2020)

Similarly, one cannot not rewatch Miss Americana with the recent release of the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie. Having post-concert depression? Then get lost in the film scene as you revisit the intimate moments Taylor Swift shared in the 2020 documentary film that follows the life of the singer-songwriter.

5. Beckham (2023)

With the Major League Soccer and FIFA World Cup qualifiers in season, Beckham is one of the perfect sports documentaries to watch. This documentary series follows the life of the infamous soccer player David Beckham, and includes candid highlights of the athlete’s career as well as family life. The docuseries is guaranteed to keep fans and casual audiences entertained.

It can be difficult to choose which documentaries to start watching when presented with the many equally riveting documentaries on Netflix. These listed 5 provide a good mix of genres surrounding recent events and figures, and are the perfect ones to start with.

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