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July 5, 2024

SIFF is to Discover New Filmmaking Talent, with the Asian New Talent Competition

The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) continues to place great emphasis on “Asia, Chinese films and new talent”. By: K Dass.

China - The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), now in its 26th edition, remains committed to nurturing new talent from Asia. At the heart of this mission lies the Asian New Talent competition, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Launched in 2004, the Asian New Talent competition provides a dedicated stage for first or second directorial feature films. It’s a springboard for up-and-coming talent across Asia.

This year, 11 titles compete for six awards, including best film and best director. The lineup features world premieres from China, India, Iran, Japan, and a Russia-Kazakhstan-Italy co-production.

Celebrating Past Winners: SIFF Special - Asian New Talent 20 Collection revisits award-winning films from previous years. Directors like Cao Baoping, Zhu Wen, and Momoko Ando return to showcase their acclaimed works.

Iranian director Reza Dormishian and Indian director Raam Reddy engage in discussions, exploring trends and creative forces shaping Asian cinema. Further forum speakers include Japanese director Iwai Shunji, the jury head of Asian New Talent in 2011, and Hong Kong director Derek Yee, the producer of In Broad Daylight and Time Still Turns The Pages. Both films premiered at last year’s Asian New Talent competition before going on to earn many accolades and achieve box office success in China.

The Asian New Talent competition is part of the 6+1 initiative that SIFF has put in place in a concerted effort to cultivate new talent over different stages, which also comprises SIFF Explore, SIFF Next, SIFF Young, SIFF Project and the Short Film competition. Up-and-coming directors, producers and screenwriters are given the opportunities to join a variety of programmes most suitable to the status of their projects, from incubation and development workshops to short film production and competition showcase.

SIFF continues to foster international collaboration, ensuring a vibrant future for Asian filmmaking talent.

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